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Praise for the History of Sex

“What I love is just how in depth this is about a subject I’d never really thought about before. It had never crossed my mind to wonder what reproductive rights or the LGBT community would be like in Germany before the Nazis took over.” – Riley

“I am hooked. Even though to be honest I’m not a history podcast fan, I was hooked anyway. If you’re a history buff or not, you’re gonna love it.” – Jenn

“Eye-opening. Emotionally charged. Dives into issues from the past that tie directly into the same issues we haven’t solved yet today.” – Andre

“Newberg is tackling a potentially controversial subject with all of the humility, respect, class, and (somehow) also just the right amount of humor.” – Tacitus9

“I like my history podcasts to connect history to sociology, economics, political science, and just about every other discipline, out there that explains how we have come to our current lives. This one has certainly started out on the right path for me.” – TBCarls

“Very much enjoying the show. You’ve really struck gold, man!” – David