Sex and the City (of Babylon)

How did ancient peoples have sex? How much of the sexual repertoire (i.e. positions, techniques, etc.) varies across time, and how much stays the same? Today, we explore the bedrooms of ancient Babylonians, as revealed by a compendium of omens dealing with sex.

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Audio Credits

“Black Sabbath Iron Man Advanced Piano Cover” by Robert MacDonald. Youtube.

Mario coin sounds by CuteQT. Youtube.

“Rivers of Babylon” by The Melodians. Youtube.

“Ibn Al-Noor” by Kevin MacLeod. Youtube.

“Sex and the City (of Babylon)” skit mixed from “Sex and the City Theme Song Trap Remix” by Charlotte and Harry, “Footsteps” by LuckVintageEffects, “Cartoon Hit Sound Effects” by Nick Judy, and “Cartoon Boing Sounds” by Nick Judy, all from Youtube.

Image Credits

The Hanging Gardens of Semiramis” by H. R. Waldeck, c. turn of the 19th/20th century – Wikipedia

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