By B. T. Newberg

I'm a history podcaster focused on the perspectives of peoples and times very different from ours. My first podcast, Dead Ideas, covers ideas once believed to be true but no longer. My new show, The History of Sex, explores gender, sex, and quirk throughout world history.

Gender Is Messy (And Always Has Been)

I want to start by telling you about Violet. Just a few blocks up the road, at the billiards place where my wife and I go to play pool, the girl behind the counter who gives us our balls is transgender. Violet is quirky and fun, she works in a place full of the straightest guys and girls you’ve ever met, and… it’s no big deal. The fact that it’s no big deal is a cultural accomplishment. We’ve come a long way in terms of gender recently. Just a few years ago, gays won the right to marry in the…