Funny Skits Compilation 2020 (New Years Special)

Note: The video above includes animation for several of our skits!

2020 is almost over. We’re counting down the final hours. And here to help you do it are all the funny skits of our show from 2020. Happy New Year, everybody! Plus, updates on the show, and a question for you to answer!

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Audio Credits

Podcast theme music mixed from “Gregorian Chant”, “Mystery Sax”, and “There It Is” by Kevin MacLeod.

“Starship Interprise” skit mixed from “Tos USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Bridge Background Ambience Sound” from Kingsirluke HD, “Star Trek: The Original Series Sound Effects” from, “Seagull Beach Sound Effect” from Free Sounds Library, and “Star Trek – Grabbing Women By the Shoulders” from Thomas McGregor.

“Mighty Morphin’ Nazi Rangers” skit mixed from “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Instrumental Theme Song” by Power Rangers, battle sounds from “Die Deutsche Wochen Schau” at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “Horst Wessel Lied” by Various Artists – Topic.

“Berliner Hills 90210” skit mixed using “Beverly Hills 90210 – Intro [HQ]” from Jan Schmelter.

“Clit Files” skit mixed from “Arkte-X Theme Reaction” by Stephen S, “Muscle Car Start Idle and Drive Away” by Copyright Free Sound-Effect, “Car Peeling Out” by FesliyanStudios, and “Lighter Inhale/Exhale/Smoke Sound Effects” by BlvckWolf Media.

“The King’s Rival” skit mixed from “RPG / D&D Ambience – Medieval Siege Battle | Catapults, Balistas, Walls Attacked” by Michael Ghelfi, “Footsteps” by LuckVintageEffects, and “Door Knock Sound Effects” and “Cartoon Door Sounds” by Nick Judy.

“Covid Cabana” skit mixed from “Best TV Static Animation” by YouToogle, “Le Freak” from, “My Sharona” from, “Copa Cabana” from, “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” from, “Cars” from, “Our House” from, “Call Me Maybe” from, with vocals by B. T. Newberg and Rachel Westhoff.

“Invasion of the Body Flappers” skit mixed from Invasion of the Body Snatchers Trailer, “María (Creepy Horror Psycho Video)” by NatureWorld1986, and “Masculine Women, Feminine Men” by Savoy Havana Band.

Video Credits

Animation by Max Konrardy

Video background from No Copyright Motion Graphics.

Image Credits

Party Balloons and Confetti from

Masked Caronavirus from Pixabay.


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