Funny Skits Compilation 2021 (Holiday Special)

So uh… 2021, huh folks? What can I say, well… at least it was better than 2020, right? And actually it was a pretty decent year for us as a show, with some significant milestones. Come celebrate with us with a retrospective of all the skits from this year, plus a new one as a special treat just for you.

Thank you to Myuu for this episode’s theme music.

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Audio Credits

Podcast theme music mixed from “Gregorian Chant”, “Mystery Sax”, and “There It Is” by Kevin MacLeod.

Episode theme music “Holiday Macabre” by Myuu.

“Sherlock and the Case of the Unwed Mother” Skit mixed from: “Victorian London Street Background Noise” from Harrison Mcarther.

“Equal Opportunity Vikings” Skit mixed from “RPG D&D Ambience – Bloody Slaughter” from The Ambience Channel.

“Fro from Aggressive Insurance” Skit mixed from “Relaxing Music – Vindsvept – Sleeper” by Vindsvept, “Blowing the Viking Horn in Northern Sweden” by Vindsvept, and “D&D Ambience Medieval City” by Michael Ghelfi.

“Bert and Ernie, Cowboy Bunkies” skit mixed from “The Best of Ernie and Bert (1988) (60fps)” from John Doe, “Gentle Nighttime Forest Sounds” by Life Affairs, and “Sesame Street on Harmonica” by Anthony Benedict.

“Girls Gone Wild (West)” skit mixed from “Wild West Piano Music” from Addison ZP, “Festival Sounds” by Played N Faved, “Female Crowd Celebration” by Free Sound Effects, “Old Camera Flash Sound Effect” by EPICSoundFX, “Sound Effect Gavel Hit Call to Order” from SoundEffects HD Indie Studios, “Cow Moo Sound Effect” by Nagaty Studios, “Hand Saw Sound Effect” by Nagaty Studios, “Cash Register Sound Effect” by Played N Faved, “Horse Cart (Carriage) Sound Effect” by Chandar Prakesh, “Coins Sound Effect” by Nagaty Studios, “Pencil Writing Close Sound” by Best Music BS, and “Giddy up” by AngryJeezus.

“Goon” skit mixed from “Dune Official Soundtrack Full Album Hans Zimmer” from WaterTower Music, “Best Lines from the Goonies” from SYFY, “The Goonies This Is Our Time” scene from Warner Bros. Entertainment, “Chunk Spills His Guts” from Movieclips.

Hervar’s Saga audiodrama mixed from: “Viking Music United We Roar” from Solas Composer, “Farm Ambience SFX” from Free Sounds Library, “Running Footsteps” from Nagaty Studio, “Atmospheres Haunted Ship at Sea” from Mindscapes, “Sheep Baa Sound Effect” from Nagaty Studio, “Crackling Fireplace Sound Effect” from Virtual Fireplace, “Horror Ghosts Whispering” from ? (video removed by user), “Free Whoosh Sound Effects for Vlogs” from Pretty Snow 007, and “Double Fireball Sound Effect” from PS Sound Effects FX.

Image Credits

Holly graphic from Pixabay

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