To Save the Lakota: An Interview with Dr. Jeff Means – Sex on the Great Plains

If you had to choose between giving up your way of life or facing the death of your people, what would you do? What if it meant having to give up ever feeling like a man, a woman, or your authentic self again? Lakota historian Jeff Means is here to helps us understand that question.

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Dr. Jeff Means

Dr. Jeff Means

Associate Professor of History at the University of Wyoming


Means, Jeffrey. “From Buffalo to Beeves The Transformation of the Oglala Lakota Economy 1868-1889.” Thesis. University of Montana. 2001.

Means, Jeffrey. “Indians Shall Do Things In Common: Oglala Lakota Identity and Cattle-raising on the Pine Ridge Reservation” Montana: The Magazine of Western History. 2011, Autumn: pp. 3-21.

Means, Jeffrey. “Oglala Paths Oglala Choices: A Turning Point in Oglala Lakota Culture The Sioux Bill of 1889.” In: A Parallel History: Stories from Indian America. Cajune, Julie, Ed. UCLA Press: 2014-2015, submitted.

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