Funny Skits Compilation 2019 (Holiday Special)

Note: The video above shows includes animation for several of our skits! However, some of the more controversial skits had to be edited out to appease Youtube. For the full mix, listen to the audio version below.

A compilation? That’s right. This is all the skits from our show this year, plus a few others of mine you may or may not have heard before, and one you definitely haven’t heard before. Happy Holidays, everybody!

Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review. Support the show on Patreon at Research, writing, editing, and production by B. T. Newberg. Logo Design by Rachel Westhoff. Animation by Maxeem Konrardy. Additional credits, references, and more at

Audio Credits

Podcast theme music mixed from “Gregorian Chant”, “Mystery Sax”, and “There It Is” by Kevin MacLeod.

Christmas Music: “Aledo Sleigh Bells” by Pumpjack, “The Christmas Song” by Tony Glausi, and “Jingle Bells (Dark Piano Version)” by Myuu.

“Gender Preppers” skit mixed using clips from “Cartoon Door Sound Effects” and “Clock Sound Effects” by Nick Judy, and God Bless the USA karaoke version from

“GI Johan PSA” skit mixed using clip from “GI Joe PSA” by Phantom Beast General.

“Baby at Nazi Rally” skit mixed using clips from “Hitler Speech to Hitler Youth at Nuremberg Rally” by US Holocaust Memorial Museum, “Babies Crying“, “Baby Sneeze“, “Baby Tantrum.”

“How to Talk Minnesotan, Bondage Style” skit mixed from “Dvorak Polka” by Kevin MacLeod and “Cartoon Whip Sounds” by Nick Judy

“Sex and the City (of Babylon)” skit mixed from “Sex and the City Theme Song Trap Remix” by Charlotte and Harry, “Footsteps” by LuckVintageEffects, “Cartoon Hit Sound Effects” by Nick Judy, and “Cartoon Boing Sounds” by Nick Judy, all from Youtube.

“Cleopatra Arrives” skit mixed from “Crowd Sound Effect | Free Sound Clips | Human Sounds” by Free Sounds Library, “Large Crowd Waiting Sound Effects” by Nick Judy, “Photo Press Conference / Paparazzi in High Quality Sound Effect” by SoundEffectsFactory, “Crowd Female Celebration Sound Effects” by Utoobasaurus, and “WIKITONGUES: Sophia Speaking Kabyle” from Wikitongues. Special appearances by Rachel Westhoff and Teri Byrne.

“What It Is Like to Make a Podcast” skit audio clips from: “Brandenburg Concerto” by Kevin MacLeod, “Harp Sound Effects”, “Book Flipping Pages Sound Effects”, and “Hospital Background Sound Effects” by Nick Judy

“The King’s Rival” skit mixed from “RPG / D&D Ambience – Medieval Siege Battle | Catapults, Balistas, Walls Attacked” by Michael Ghelfi, “Footsteps” by LuckVintageEffects, and “Door Knock Sound Effects” and “Cartoon Door Sounds” by Nick Judy.

“Let’s Do It (Let’s Put That City to the Sword)” song mixed from “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)” from Piano Busker. Special appearance by Rachel Westhoff.

“Banned” (Youtube version only) mixed from “Alarm Sound Effects” by Nick Judy.

Video Credits

Effect Snow – New Effect Snow – Effect Background – Effect Video” by Thành Huy. Youtube.

Animation by Max Konrardy.

Image Credits

Christmas ilex variations” from Wikipedia.

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