The History of Sex Toys: An Interview with Dr. Gillian Kenny

We’re picking up good vibrations, today, folks. We’ve got the sponsor of our show, Dr. Gillian Kenny, historian of women, sex, and magic in medieval Europe, to teach us about our tool-using species. Today, it’s everything you always wanted to know about sex toys, but were afraid to ask!

And here is the animated skit from this episode:

Dr. Gillian Kenny is a research fellow at Trinity College in Dublin in the Center for Gender and Women’s Studies. She can be found on Twitter as @medievalgill.

Dr Gillian Kenny

Here is the portrait I did of Gillian as a bespectacled Queen Medb from Irish myth.

Gillian Kenny as Queen Medb

And here is Gillian’s Twitter avatar (which should give you some idea of her sense of humor!).

MedievalGill logo

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Audio Credits

Podcast theme music mixed from “Gregorian Chant”, “Mystery Sax”, and “There It Is” by Kevin MacLeod.

“2001 Sex Odyssey” skit mixed from “Also Sprach Zarathustra” and “Stringed Disco” by Kevin MacLeod.

“The King’s Rival” skit mixed from “RPG / D&D Ambience – Medieval Siege Battle | Catapults, Balistas, Walls Attacked” by Michael Ghelfi, “Footsteps” by LuckVintageEffects, and “Door Knock Sound Effects” and “Cartoon Door Sounds” by Nick Judy.

Image Credits

Pompeii satyr dildo, from Wikipedia

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